49ers Player Colin Kaepernick Has Been Fined For Calling Chicago Bears Player Lamarr Houston The N-Word

49ers Player Colin Kaepernick Has Been Fined
BHR Hollywood Reports.........San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been fined for allegedly using the “N-word.

” According to Fox Sports, Kaepernick used the racial slur after exchanging words with Lamarr Houston of the Chicago Bears.

After the two players exchanged words, Kaepernick was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct.

 The NFL eventually fined Kaepernick $11,000 for using the slur.
Lamarr Houston

Kaepernick, who is mixed with white and black, denies using the racial slur.

 Houston also denied that Kaepernick used the term.

And now Bears defensive end Lamarr Houston, with whom Kaepernick was jawing when he got his penalty, has corroborated Glazer's report.

 From the Chicago Tribune:"He was just saying inappropriate language," Houston told the Tribune on Monday night at MetLife Stadium.

 He said Kaepernick cursed at him, including using the N-word.

Asked if he was insulted, Houston said it's more a "cultural thing.

" Houston reiterated that he incensed Kaepernick on the play by saying "nice pass" at the end of a Kyle Fuller interception.
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