Man shot to death in San Jose, California at Wiz Khalifa concert and died of multiple gunshot wounds

Man was shot at Wiz Khalifa concert
BHR Hollywood Reports..........A man has been shot to death in San Jose, California.
Police spokeswoman Shino Tanaka said authorities received multiple calls about the incident and that a 38-year-old man was transported to a local hospital, where he later died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Wiz Khalifa
 Wiz Khalifa An eyewitness says the gunman and the victim were backstage arguing before shots were fired.The people backstage were all held by cops for 3 - 4 hours ... most were interviewed.

Police officials were searching for the subject, described as a black male between 5’6′ and 5’8′ in his 20s with short hair.

 He was wearing all black, or possibly all black and white pants, along with a red baseball cap. Witnesses reported seeing a black pistol with a large magazine.

Although sources claim there were several eyewitnesses to the crime, authorities are still investigating and looking for someone to talk.

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