Lil Kim Attacks Nicki Minaj For Calling Her self The "Queen of Rap"

Lil Kim Attacks Nicki Minaj For Calling Her self The "Queen of Rap"
BHR Hollywood Reports.......If you thought the feud between Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim was over,or that it should be — then prepare to be disappointed.

 Minaj and Lil’ Kim had been more or less at each other’s throats since 2010 when Lil’ Kim reportedly made disparaging comments about Minaj stealing her style, even though Minaj actually considered her an inspiration.Those days are a few veiled insults in the verses of singles and several years in the past, but shots have been fired anew.

Less than 24 hours after Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé released their remix to Bey’s “Flawless,” the Queen Bee has issued a “response” to the Web’s most buzzed-about track.

 Lil Kim released her own unofficial “remix” to the track, attacking Nicki for calling herself the “Queen of Rap.” This, of course, raised the ire of Kim.

“Am I trippin’ or did this H- just say my name?/Queen of Rap, f— outta here/ Queen’s back, f— outta here/ Time to get this rap b—- up outta here,” Kim raps, adding later. “Damn, it’s a shame I gave you the rope/ b—- I want you to hang.”

On the original remix, Nicki drops the line: “These b—hes washed up and ain’t no f–-in’ soap involved.” Was it a slight at Kim? One can’t be sure, but Kim certainly seemed to use it as motivation to pounce.

 With Minaj, 31, topping the charts and Kim recently giving birth to her first child, the "I Don't Give a F--k" rapper seems to have felt the need to reclaim her top spot.

She even went as far as to replace Minaj's photo on the "Flawless" remix cover art with her own pic.

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