Kevin Hart gets in Engaged To The Beautiful Eniko Parrish

BHR HollyWood Reports.......Kevin Hart making it do what it do!!!!! as he gave his longtime girlfriend the perfect surprise on a big night for his ex-wife.
Kevin Hart gets in Engaged To The Beautiful Eniko Parrish

The “Think Like A Man Too” star popped the question to his lady Eniko Parrish as she turned 30, and she never saw it coming! The pair have been talking about marriage for a while, but Kevin finally got down on one knee today.

Kevin and Eniko have been together at least five years now, so his friends were overjoyed to share the exciting news on social media! Producer Will Packer offered up his congratulations while another one of Kevin’s boys posted video of the proposal on Instagram.

Kevin Hart & Girlfriend Eniko Parrish
It’s a little suspect that Kevin chose to propose tonight as his ex-wife Torrei Hart made her debut on “Atlanta Exes,” but, again, today also happens to be Eniko’s birthday. While Torrei was probably the furthest thing from his mind, the timing was a super shady.

No one would blame Torrei for feeling some type of way about this because she’s still seems upset with how Eniko and Kevin came together. “I was deeply hurt. I knew this man way before any of the celebrity and any of the fame,” she told C Nikky. “We had children and I thought marriage was forever, but it’s not.”
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A lot of Torrei’s storyline will center on her problem with Eniko being around her kids because of accusations that Kevin was cheating with her well before his marriage ended. The VH1 star’s not going to get too stuck on that, though. “This show is more so about us moving forward,” said Torrei. ” I’m onto bigger and better things and just living my life post-divorce.”

She’s not completely blaming Kevin for their split, but she did ponder one thing, asking, “Why is it that all black men, when they reach a certain level, they have to feel like they need someone of another race, or a different skin tone on their arm?”
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