Jennifer Hudson Has More Drama......Her Half Brother Will Be Going To Jail For Stabbing Someone In The Face

BHR Hollywood Reports.........Jennifer Hudson and her family are no strangers to unspeakable tragedies,especially in the wake of the murder of Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew years ago.
 Thankfully, the family has been living in relative peace ever since.

Simpson, 45, allegedly stormed into his estranged wife's apartment and repeatedly stabbed the woman's current boyfriend, whom police only identified as Charlie, in the chest, arms and face, witnesses told.
Stephen Angelo Simpson

The incident happened Monday night in the South Haven Charter Township of Michigan when Hudson’s half-brother, Stephen Angelo Simpson, got into an altercation with his estranged wife’s current boyfriend.

The report claims that Simpson was at his estranged wife’s apartment when the fight happened and that he stabbed the man, identified as Charlie, several times, including in his face, before he ran off.

Charlie was treated at a local hospital, where he received more than 20 stitches. He is, however, expected to make a full recovery.

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