Chris Brown is Back With Usher And Rick Ross For New Music Video "New Flame"

Chris Brown
BHR Hollywood Reports....... Chris Brown,Usher and Rick Ross team up for the "New Flame" video.

Stunting on an all-white, synthetic island. Wearing all-white clothing. Chilling with women clad in all-white. These are the things you can find Chris Brown doing in the new video for "New Flame," an Usher and Rick Ross-assisted track that will live on his upcoming album X.
New Flame

Also featuring a burning X, the video is about as luxurious as hip-hop videos get these days, with seemingly no holds barred when it comes to budget, concept and execution. Two people n this deserve special shout-outs: one is the girl in the red dress, the other is Ross, who refuses to wear a shirt. Bawse life indeed.


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