Althea Heart Decide Do File Law Suit Against Joseline Hernandez For Reunion Brawls

Althea Heart Decide Do File Law Suit Against Joseline Hernandez 
BHR Hollywood Reports.......For Month fans have been talking about news that several major brawls broke out at the "Love And Hip Hop Atlanta" reunion ,as well as claims that Joseline Hernandez was at heart of most fights.

 Joseline Hernandez  
Benzino's wife (Althea Heart) decided to file law suit after the episode aired as proof of the violent attack and claims the former stripper was allegedly on crack cocaine,and says there are eye witnesses that saw the self -proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess smoking the mystery substance out of a glass pipe in in her dressing room. 

Hernandez has previously been accused of using cocaine by other cast mates on the show, including Benzino, who accused Hernandez and Stevie of being high on cocaine right before the attack. And Stevie was even proven to be a cocaine user in June when he reportedly failed a drug test after being arrested for his outstanding child support payments.

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