Yung Joc's Wife Files For Divorce after 13 yrs of marriage come and see why!!!!!

BHR Hollywood Reports......There may be trouble in paradise for Atlanta rapper Yung Joc, and not with girlfriend Karlie Redd.

Yung Joc's Wife Files For Divorce
Alexandria Robinson, Joc's wife of 13 years, has filed for divorce from the Love and Hip Hop star, BHR reports. While the two have been separated since February 2012, Robinson is making claims of infidelity on Joc's behalf.

She is also reportedly fighting for spousal and child support from her estranged husband after growing tired of Joc flaunting his various side pieces on the VH1 reality show.

The high school sweethearts and have been married for 13 years and have 3 kids.

Joc’s been carrying on a high profile relationship with Karlie Redd on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” They live together on the show.

Robinson claims that she only makes $1,875 a month and she wants Joc to pay both spousal and child support. Robinson is reportedly hoping to get some of Joc’s royalties from his music publishing rights.

Well, considering that there’s so much evidence of Joc’s infidelity, there’s a reasonable chance that Johnson will get what she’s asking for. And if that’s the case, Joc might want to work for a little more air time and a bigger paycheck next season......
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