Omarion was spotted running a stop sign by Caliornia HW Patrol and arrested for failing to appear in Court

Omarion is Jailed For Not Showing Up In Court
BHR Hollywood Reports......Another MMG artist finds himself in the hotseat. Just days after we received word that Meek Mill had been sentenced to 3-6 months in jail, one of his MMG counterparts, Omarion was arrested for skipping out on a traffic court.

Yesterday morning, the 29-year-old
singer was spotted by an officer when he ran a stop sign while driving in Fernando Valley, California.
Once pulled over for the traffic violation, the officer ran his license only to discover a warrant was issued for his arrest.

The singer was cuffed and taken to jail.

The father-to-be was wanted for skipping out on traffic court for previous traffic violations. Omarion is currently being detained in a California jail with a bond set at $20,00

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