Nelly Claims That Floyd Mayweather Did Not Graduate High School

Nelly ClaimsThat Floyd Mayweather Did Not Graduate High School
BHR Hollywood Reports......  Most of the world has been paying attention to the hot steaming beef between Floyd Mayweather and T.I. over their supposed love triangle with Tip’s wife, Tiny. But T.I. isn’t the only rapper with whom Mayweather is beefing.

 The boxing champ has also been trading jabs with Nelly over his ex,
Shantel Jackson, who Nelly is dating. And although things have been quiet between the two as of late, Nelly recently reignited their feud when he slammed Mayweather in a recent interview.

While appearing on “Highly Questionable” on ESPN 2, Nelly was asked about his feud with Mayweather and the rapper decided to throw some thinly-veiled shade at the boxer over his lack of education.

Nelly Vs. Floyd 
“I don’t have a beef with Floyd Mayweather. You know what I’m saying? For me, for the most part I think the whole thing is misunderstood. You know uhh, I try to understand where he’s coming from, which is a little hard to do [laughs].

But it’s just one of those things where I guess he is who is and you know he’s one of those people that I don’t think uhhh, like’s the word ‘no’ said to him. You know and I think if anybody does that, I think that’s what kinda gets underneath his skin a little bit. But uhhh, I don’t know. It’s kinda hard talking to a guy who hasn’t graduated from high school,” said Nelly.


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