Is Soulja Boy About To Be A Reality Star? According To Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Soulja Boy About To Be A Reality Star
BHR Hollywood Reports......Rumor has it, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has snagged a well-known rapper for it’s franchise. Allegedly, Soulja Boy is currently filming for the spin-off show.

According to BHR Hollywood Reports Scott-Young hinted to the site a week ago that she is close to revealing the cast for “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” the new West Coast edition of her “Love & Hip Hop” franchise.

“Not much longer believe it or not, it’s gonna pop up before you know it,” said Scott-Young.

Sources claim that Soulja Boy was recently spotted filming scenes in L.A. for the show.

It’s worth noting that Soulja Boy’s famous ex-girlfriend, rapper Diamond, was asked to join the original cast of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” alongside her famous ex-boyfriend, Lil Scrappy. However, Diamond turned down the spot, explaining that the show would’ve hurt her image and brought more drama into her life because of Scrappy and his mother, Momma Dee.

But if Soulja Boy does sign on to “LHH Hollywood,” he’ll be doing double duty in the world of reality TV because he’s already been spotted in the previews alongside Diamond in the preview for her upcoming reality series “Sisterhood of Hip Hop." I'm Destiny Renee And this is your BHR Hollywood Report
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