Exclusive...Meek Mill Is Sentenced To Jail For Violating His Parole

Meek Mill Is Sentenced To Jail For Violating His Parole
BHR Hollywood Reports........ Meek Mill was sentenced to three to six months in jail over the weekend from a probation violation.
The rapper was sentenced after being seen at the site of a deadly fire in Philadelphia last weekend, which violated his parole.

Additionally, he reportedly violated his probation from his 2008 arrest for guns and drugs by booking out-of-state shows and changing his number without alerting his probation officer as well as his social media presence
His lawyers filed a petition Thursday asking for the hearing within three days, in hopes of freeing the 27-year-old rapper - whose real name is Robert Williams,but Common Pleas Judge

Genece Brinkley - who sentenced Mill to three to six months behind bars - said her court schedule would not allow her to hold such a hearing until September.

 She also rejected a request to allow another judge to hear the case, according to defense attorney Christopher Warren, who, along with Dennis Cogan, is representing Mills.

Meek Mill could be spending the rest of 2014 locked up due to a probation violation.

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