Tea Party candidate sends Shocking Victory to Eric Cantor in Virgina Primary

Tea Party candidate sends Shocking Victory
to Republican Candidate ,Eric Cantor 
 BHR HollyWood Reports.....David Brat, the man who derailed Representative Eric Cantor’s congressional career and aspirations to become speaker of the House, faced such long odds in his challenge to the No. 2 House Republican that he failed to win the backing of any of the major Tea Party groups that inspired his candidacy.

Cantor is the current House Majority leader and an ardent foe of President Obama. Many experts have stated that what doomed Cantor in this election was his compromise with Obama on the debt ceiling crisis and government shutdown. Cantor did the right thing and negotiated with the Obama administration and leading democrats, but Tea Party voters were outraged. They felt that bargaining with Obama was a capitulation to conservative ideals and principles. The other major factor dealing a blow to Cantor was “white voter apathy.” Cantor supporters just did not go to the polls and it showed in his defeat.
Eric Cantor and Dave Brat

In order for the Republican Party to keep control of the House it will take transformative figure that run on a reform campaign. Unfortunately, the reform in mind seems to be a return to states’ rights and a restriction in the power of the federal government. To that end, Dave Brat now becomes a rising star within the ultraconservative environment of a party in search of a direction. As an economics professor who now has a national stage, we will begin to see more of a gelling of Tea Party economics and social programs.

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