Man Rob "MJ" Michael Jordan for a pair of shoes during a in store signing!! is it worth anyone life

Man Rob "MJ" Michael Jordan for a pair of shoes
BHR HollyWood Reports....... “Sign or die, n*gga” was all he said according to an employee that witnessed a man force Michael Jordan to take off his personal pair of “Gamma” 11′s and sign his autograph.

 Nba legend Michael Jordan was robbed at gunpoint during an in-store sneaker signing for the Gamma 11′s released earlier today at a Chicago sneaker boutique.

 “He asked what size I wear and then said come up off them, bruh” Said a visibly angry Michael Jordan during the police report who also noted “this little n*gga called me bruh.

 Like we was family or something, but I ain’t never met that n*gga”.
Michael Jordan

 According to local police the description of the robber fit many of Chicago’s youth; African American, about 5’6 with dreadlocks to which Jordan agreed while also stating “Hell it could of been Chief Keef for all I know, but luckily for Chicago he already in jail.”

Is it worth anyone life!!! NO

I'm Big Blac this is your BHR HollyWood Report
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