Chris Brown gets thrown out of rehab and start throwing rocks at his mother’s car something is wrong here

Chris Brown gets thrown out of rehab 
BHR HollyWood Reports......In the latest episode of the never ending drama that is his life, Chris Brown was kicked out of rehab for an angry outburst, only to be re-sentenced to a longer stint in the same rehab.

During his 2 week rehab stint, Breezy’s mother, Joyce Hawkins apparently came to visit and plead for her son to stay in rehab longer. Something went awry and the visit ended with Brown throwing rocks at his mother’s car and being kicked out of the facility.

Yesterday (November 20) at a court ordered hearing, Brown was sentenced to an additional 3 months of residential rehab in addition to random drug testing. Brown was also told that he must complete his prior community service agreement by putting in at least 24 hours per week. There’s a possibility the singer may be prescribed medication by his physician in rehab if deemed necessary.

All of this is happening as Brown prepares to release his new album “X.X” on December 3rd

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