Nothing seem to be stopping Her!!! Tameka Raymond hires new legal team and Usher a No-show for mandatory hearing

She Won't Give up
BHR HollyWood Reports....According to reports, Tameka Raymond and Usher are still going to bat for the custody of their two sons, Usher V and Naviyd. After several failed attempts to gain more than visitation, Tameka fearlessly continues her pursuit.

After filing for emergency custody following the near drowning of their son Usher Raymond V and losing again, Now Tameka fired her former attorney Angela Kinley and hired an entirely new legal team.

Tameka Raymond
Tameka recently attended a mandatory hearing with new lawyers Alexa Ross and Richard Robbins; however, to her disappointment, Usher was a no show.

While there has been no word from Usher’s camp on why he was absent, the judge has taken matters into his own hands, scheduling a private meeting with both legal teams.
Usher and his two Sons

There is no word yet on exactly what was discussed; however, there is another mandatory hearing scheduled for October.
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