Usher’s little son hospitalized after pool accident ? Who's Watching the baby's it surely isn't the parents

Little Usher got his arm stuck in the pool's
drain after seeing a toy inside
Little Usher Raymond was rushed to a hospital Monday after a horrific pool incident.

Usher and Tameka
 TMZ reports that little Usher Raymond V nearly drowned after getting his arm wedged into drain of the family swimming pool at 6 p.m. Monday evening. The 5-year-old was trying to retrieve a toy in the pool when the accident happened.

A maid and the child’s aunt reportedly tried to free him but were both unsuccessful. A pair of workmen then jumped in to the pool and freed the tot before giving him CPR and calling an ambulance.

Little Usher was placed in ICU at a local Atlanta hospital but is expected to have a full recovery.

His mother Tameka Raymond, who is still coping with the tragic loss of her son Kile Glover from a 2012 jet ski accident, has yet to speak on her son’s condition.

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