Raz-B of the group B2K is in a coma and life support in China trying to break up a fight

BHR HollyWood Reports....Raz-B, a former B2K singer, is in a coma after being attacked with a bottle. The R&B singer was performing at a nightclub in China when he noticed a fistfight in the crowd.

He went to break it up, but was hit with a bottle to his face.

His rep tells TMZ that Raz-B sustained several deep cuts to his face, including a gash in his lip that needed minor surgery to repair.

Raz-B of the group B2K is in a coma and life support in China 
 He was sent home, but when Raz-B didn't wake up the following morning, he was quickly rushed to the hospital. When there, it was determined he had limited brain activity and has been slipping in and out of consciousness ever since.

"He is in a coma and needs as many prayers as possible," his rep says. He is currently breathing from a ventilator.

Raz-B has been living in China for the past three years. Police determined he did nothing wrong during the incident. The musician previously told TMZ he plans to move back to the United States before the end of the year for a "big comeback."
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