Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez going head to head Live on Set

BHR HollyWood Reports.....VH1 has released another spoiler from the highly anticipated Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta season 2 reunion show, which will premiere on Monday.
Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez going head to head Live on Set

In the teaser below, the reunion show host Mona Scott-Young (LHHA's creator and executive producer) asks Joseline Hernandez what she thinks about Mimi Faust's breast augmentation.

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Hernandez started a heated argument with Faust with her response.
"Considering the fact that it look like someone sucked her a-- out with a straw and she wants to look like Joseline Hernandez...." she said, before Faust interjected.

"Nobody wants to look like you, you f--in prostitute!" Faust fired back.
Joseline Hernandez  & Stevie J 
The rivals proceed to engage in a scathing war or words on the show, which involved cringe-worth name-calling.

When Hernandez called Faust a "sl*t monkey" for Stevie J, the hip hop producer stood up and smiled, while sitting in the audience. Faust then yelled at Stevie J and told him she was not arguing with Hernandez for him.
 "Don't stand up like you did something great around here, sit yo a-- down!" she said.

When Faust threatened to fight Hernandez, the Mi Colta rapper stood up, seemingly ready for the potential physical altercation. But several security guards rushed to the stage before any firsts were thrown.

Hernandez, however, was still able to take off her shoe and throw it at Faust.

Enstars reported that in another reunion show spoiler, it was revealed that Stevie J had a spat with Nikko.

Faust dated Nikko during season 2, after she split with Stevie J in episode 1. According to TheYBF.com, Stevie J's ego is so huge, he threw money at Nikko while they were both on the stage.

Enstars also reported that Shay "Bucky" Johnson revealed that Lil' Scrappy will drop a bombshell during the season 2 reunion show. The rapper will allegedly disclose that his on-and-off again fiancé', Erica Dixon, got pregnant while cheating on him with a married NBA player.

Johnson revealed the news about Dixon's secret extramarital affair, during her interview on New York radio station Power 105.1 FM's Breakfast Club on July 17.

" [Dixon] was messing with a married man and got pregnant by him," said Johnson. "That's what [Scrappy] said on the reunion."

The two-part Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta season 2 reunion show special will premiere on Monday, Aug. 5 at 8 p.m. EST/7 Central.

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