Mary Jane is Her name Kirk Frost's Mistress who 's about to help Burn His House Down

Kirk Seem to be ready to be Single
BHR HollyWood Reports...They where already on the edge and why did Kirk make it worst, or did Rasheeda lite her own fired.

 The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Couple has been  going through a Love Storm and the recent episode with Kirk and Benzino going out  to meet up with Bobby V and a Cabinet full of ladies didn't make it better.

Kirk & Alexis "Mary Jane" Miller
So meet the Mistress who is coming under fire for a steamy hot tub scene she shot on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

Alexis “Mary Jane” Miller was shown on the program canoodling and kissing Rasheeda’s husband Kirk Frost before entering a bedroom with him and another woman.

Alexis Miller has been blasted on Twitter for being a “home wrecker”, or is it her to blame or  Mr. Kirk Frost to share the same..
"Mary Jane"

According to Mary Jane however her appearance on the program has been misconstrued.

“F**k  how u feeling cause business is business, its strictly financial,” said Jane on Twitter.

Mary Jane is reportedly vying for a spot on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” and even hosted a viewing party to celebrate her brief appearance on the episode.

 Her casting would actually be fitting considering that she’s not only involved in Kirk and Rasheeda’s drama, but is a budding rapper.

   Rasheeda Talks Kirk

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