Lawsuit Follows Ciara at Her L.A. Pride Concert

Lawsuit Follows Ciara at Her L.A. Pride Concert photo by Amanda Edwards
BHR HollyWood Report..Ciara was Caught Off Guard On June 8th, While performing a concert in celebration of L.A. Pride, the 27 year-old singer received papers from what she thought was a fan - only to realize that they were legal documents informing her of a lawsuit filed against her.

Without hesitating, Ciara quickly threw the papers back at the woman and continued with her performance without having paused for a moment.

The lawsuit - filed by West Hollywood club The Factory - claims that the R&B singer failed to appear for a concert last Friday for which she had signed a $10,000 contract.

The club says that Ciara informed them that she couldn't perform due to her obligations with L.A. Pride, but agreed to appearing at the venue - a promise the club claims that she didn't uphold.
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Ciara's reps say that they had informed The Factory that she would be unable to appear, but they continued to promote her appearance there anyway.

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