Who In The Jackson Family Molested Him? Taj Jackson Breaks His Silence..

Taj Jckson  Claims He Has Been molested by a family 
BHR HollyWood Reports Just when it seemed like the accusations that Michael Jackson molested famous choreographer Wade Robson couldn’t get any worse, Tito Jackson’s son, Taj Jackson, recently dropped a very public bomb on the whole family by claiming that he was molested by a family member and consoled by his uncle, MJ.

According to TMZ, Taj revealed the startling news on Twitter yesterday while ranting about Robson, claiming that he can judge Robson’s molestation allegations because he himself was molested by a family member on his mother’s side of the family.

“I am writing these words knowing that the minute I press send, my life will never be the same afterwards,” Taj wrote. I was sexually abused. By an uncle on my mom’s side of the family when I was a kid.

“That is how I KNOW Wade is lying. Because I AM a survivor,” Taj tweeted.

Despite claims that MJ was a sexual predator, Taj, ironically, claims that his uncle was the one who provided emotional support after he was sexually abused.

“My uncle was a support system for me and my mom. He wrote a letter to her that many have seen already, u just didn’t know what it was about,” wrote Taj, posting the note to his Twitter as well.

Taj then claimed that he decided to reveal his secret in order to defend his uncle against Robson.

“I hate that Wade made me do this, this way. But since my uncle Michael is no longer here to defend himself. I will,” he wrote.

Clearly, this case, like any other MJ case, will be full of shocking twists and turns, and we’re sure it’s far from over. Check out what Taj’s uncle, Jermaine Jackson, had to say about his admission as well as some other sexually abused stars after the cut

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