Mayweather Stays Undefeated With Mental and Physical Mastery earning $32 Million

  BHR HollyWood Reports Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s latest boxing triumph followed a familiar pattern. For weeks, he toyed with Robert Guerrero, made him angry, made him jumpy, drew him right into the usual vortex of opponent overconfidence.
Mayweather Stays Undefeated And Remians The Highest Payed Boxer In The Game

Guerrero insisted, over and over, that Mayweather would not get to him.

By then, he already had.

That is part of Mayweather’s ring brilliance, the mental part. He wants his opponents riled up, overaggressive, and then he turns their aggression into weakness. That is the other part, the physical part, the feet that dance and the hands that flash and the dazzling precision.

Guerrero suffered from both, suffered from Mayweather’s mind games and from Mayweather’s right hands and right hooks. Early into this World Boxing Council welterweight title fight, it became clear which boxer was undefeated — the one in the audacious yellow shorts, the best boxer of his generation, a candidate for one of the best boxers of all time. Mayweather won easily, handily, by a unanimous decision, scored 117-111 by all three judges, and he did so despite hurting his right hand in the middle rounds.
Mayweather  come with A Left Hook

“What else can I say?” Mayweather said, and he appeared to personally thank half of those assembled in Grand Garden Arena. “We did it again.”

When it ended, Mayweather hardly celebrated. He thumped his chest and hugged his father and all but yawned. He made it look easy, and it had been. He had landed a staggering 60 percent of his power punches.

As Mayweather (44-0) stalked back to his corner after the 10th round, his eyes never left Guerrero (31-1-2), who refused to return the eye contact. He was beaten, bloodied, bludgeoned. He fell in line with so many other Mayweather opponents in that he promised to make the fight a rugged one. In some ways, it was rugged, as evidenced by the damage to Guerrero’s face.

Already, talk had turned to Mayweather’s choice of opposition, to whether he is simply better than all challengers or whether he picks the right guys at the right moments, and how that factored into his legacy and his status among the greats. Regardless, his precious zero in the loss column remained intact.

This Hit Is What Defeated Guerrero
“That’s why he’s undefeated,” Guerrero said.

He added, in what qualified as a major understatement, that he was “a little better than I thought.”

Guerrero made his way into the ring first, clad in a “GOD is GREAT” T-shirt. Mayweather followed, the rapper Lil Wayne by his side, microphone in hand, performing “No Worries” before the action started. Mayweather wore yellow trunks that looked as if they had been made from snake skin with black trim.

The opening bell rang, and Guerrero attacked Mayweather as promised. He shot in close and held and grappled. As the rounds went on, though, Mayweather found his timing, and he tagged Guerrero from a safe distance, including with one right hand that sneaked between Guerrero’s gloves and snapped his head back.

Most opponents who fight Mayweather believe they can wear him down, out-tough him, win by way of brawl. The more the fight wore on, the more Mayweather picked Guerrero apart, like in the fifth round, when he struck Guerrero with a series of right hooks. When Guerrero lunged back, Mayweather ducked punches and slipped out of corners. He always seemed a step ahead.

Between rounds, Guerrero’s father, Ruben, unleashed flurries of punches in the corner as he gave his son instructions. His son connected about as often in the ring.

By the seventh round, the crowd began to boo, the bout a clear mismatch. Guerrero looked tired, outclassed, overmatched, and his body had reddened from all the blows. He continued to press forward anyway, in search of the one shot that would change the tenor of the fight.

Mayweather Stays Undefeated
By the eighth, blood dripped from Guerrero’s left eye and down his face. Mayweather toyed with him, like a puppet master with a puppet, and he landed a roundhouse right hand that brought the crowd to its feet. Guerrero’s wife held their son close as tears welled in her eyes.

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