Lil Scrappy and Shay Johnson travel and Spent Time Together in Miami for Memorial Day and Erica Dixon goes "Nuts"

BHR HollyWood Reports.... This Is About To Be A Storm!!!!Lil Scrappy and Shay Johnson celebrate Memorial Day in Miami, Erica Dixon reacts.
Lil Scrappy and Shay Johnson travel and Spent
 Time Together in Miami 

In Miami Together
fter breaking ties with his fiancée, an Atlanta rapper was spotted spending Memorial Day weekend with his reconciled old flame. Lil Scrappy was seen in Miami over the holiday with Shay Johnson who he previously denied dating. Despite that, the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” co-stars looked chummy at the city’s G5 Nightclub where they partied in VIP.

Lil Scrappy and Shay Johnson
 The drama hasn’t stopped Johnson from forming an alliance with Momma Dee to get her man and it’s not surprising that Scrappy is back to his side chick being that Erica put things on pause during the last episode.

If you’re worried how Erica Dixon is faring with the latest Scrappy and Shay siting, you can rest assured that reality star was unfazed. When a fan mentioned seeing the twosome in the southern city, Dixon gave the response below:
Erica Dixon reacts 

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