Wow!!!! Gucci Mane was Release from Jail On Friday and Arrested Again On Saturday....

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This Guy Just Don't Get It, Well He Will In A Min

The Atlanta rapper was indicated on one count of aggravated assault earlier this week after being accused of attacking a fan with a champagne bottle. After being in custody for a little over two weeks, it is believed that Gucci posted the $75,000 bond that was set by the judge during his hearing.

Gucci, born Radric Davis, is on probation in DeKalb County, GA for a previous misdemeanor violation. Upon being released from Fulton County Jail on Friday, April 12, he was supposedly heading to court in DeKalb, but didn’t report. So, one day after being released, Gucci was arrested on Saturday (April 13) for violating probation. This particular charge is unrelated to the assault.

Gucci Mane keeps fighting the law, and the law keeps on winning.

His trial is pending for the assault case. No further details of this most recent arrest are currently known.

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