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DMX allowed the nation to get a glimpse of The Real  Problem
 BHR HollyWood Reports Multiplatinum hip-hop artist and actor DMX has had a rocky relationship with his son, Xavier. In an effort to sort through their issues, Iyanla Vanzant sits both men down for what she hopes will be a heart-to-heart healing session -- but the discussion doesn't go as planned.

DMX allowed the nation to get a glimpse of some of the issues he’s facing by appearing on Iyanla: Fix My Life. Iyanla Vanzant attempted to get to the bottom of DMX’s issues with his ex-wife and son, Xavier. Throughout the interview, DMX appeared tense and high.

DMX lashed out at Vanzant after she planned a sit down with his son who he hadn’t seen in one and a half years. “Lady, please. Listen, this is my son right here. I’m talking to him,” DMX said. Vanzant continued to speak and DMX lashed out again, “Lady, shut the f–k up … Stop running your mouth!”

DMX & Son appearance on ‘Iyanla
DMX exited the room and later returned after a friend of the family encouraged him to come back and speak with Xavier. The two seemed to agree on how to move forward with their relationship until Xavier wanted his father to stop using drugs.

DMX would not agree to the terms and told his son, “I guess you’ll see me at my funeral; give me a hug.”

Vanzant told Xavier not to hug his father and DMX lashed out again. Vanzant shouted at DMX, “You do not get a chance to speak with me again.”

DMX stormed out of the room and Vanzant hugged Xavier as he cried.

The episode was a revealing look at how drugs can ravish a great talent.

DMX and His Son Xavier Reunite

Multiplatinum rap artist DMX and his oldest son, Xavier, haven't spoken in a year and a half. Now, they've agreed to have an honest conversation about their broken relationship. Watch what happens when father and son come face-to-face once again

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