Deion Sanders Wants His Last Name Back From His Ex-Wife Pilar

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Deion Sanders Wants His Last Name Back From His Ex-Wife Pilar

Deion and Pilar Sanders are over and things between the former couple couldn’t be nastier. Now that the vicious custody battle is done, Pilar is left without custody of the estranged couple’s sons, and it was ruled that she would still have joint custody of their daughter. However, the judge also ruled that Deion would have the final say so in where their daughter lived. According to reports, Deion has decided to move his daughter in his home and it has left Pilar in a state of anger and shock. In the midst of Twitter beefing with his current girlfriend Tracey Edmonds, Pilar has made it clear that she plans to appeal the custody decision. However, Deion not only wants the kids but he also wants his last name back.

In a statement he sent to Atlanta blogger Sandra Rose, Deion says he wants Pilar to give up his last name if he’s as terrible as she claims he is.

 Pilar Sanders
“A lot of the things she alleged I did is really what she did. I met Tracey well after I even filed for divorce. I hate for her to try and throw Tracey… Tracey is a wonderful woman and a very good person. She has a brand and her name is good. Tracey was never a mistress.

“A lot of people don’t realize I’m the one who filed for divorce. She knows why. She’s got to live with it… Everybody in the city knows why… A man just doesn’t wake up, all of a sudden, and say ‘I want a divorce’.

Deion Sanders Wins Child  Custody
“I took care of business 14 years ago before we walked down the aisle [reference to the prenup]. The truth of the matter is, when you have to take care of business before you walk down the aisle, you know something will go down eventually. That’s the truth of the matter. And then when a person asks for $100,000 before you get married, you gotta know what time it is. But you stupid enough, young and dumb and do it anyway.

“But I have 3 wonderful children. The only thing left is the actual divorce itself. If I’m such a horrific and horrible guy, please relinquish my name. Release my name.”

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