Despite numerous online reports Lil Wayne Did Not Cut His Dreads

 Lil Wayne Did Not Cut His Dreads
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Lil Wayne cuts his locs? Hip-hop star shocks fans with his hairdo

The YMCMB rapper has been growing his hair for over a decade, but early today, Weezy’s hair change threw the world into a hissy fit. A photo surfaced of Lil Wayne with fellow rapper Big Boi, and it appeared as though his trademark locs had been cut. Wayne appeared to be rocking a close-cropped look — much to the shock and awe of his fans.

But it looks like it was all much ado about nothing.

Lil Wayne is still chanting, "Long hair, don't care," even though there are persistent Internet rumors that the Young Money superstar cut off the dreadlocks he's been growing since he was a teen.

Many fans and media sites were fooled after pics of Weezy and Big Boi hit Instagram on Thursday night. In the photos, it looked as if Wayne had cut off his locks, but MTV News contributor Kelley L. Carter — who watched Tunechi perform at a pre-Super Bowl party in New Orleans and even posed for a picture with the "A Milli" MC — said Weezy's wig is still intact.

"I'm pretty sure he still had his dreads and they were pulled back in a ponytail," she told us Friday (February 1). "In fact, I'm like 1,000 percent positive. I would've noticed that."
"I'm excited for it to be in New Orleans, for the city, period,"

Carter sent MTV News some exclusive photos that she snapped that ultimately debunk the hair-chopping theory. The angle mixed with the manner in which the rapper had his hair tied back did make it seem as if he had gotten a haircut and was wearing a mini-afro, but the picture was deceiving.

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