Todd Tucker Has Drop The Big Ring On Kandi Burruss Congratulation

 Todd Tucker Has Drop The Big Ring On Kandi Burruss Congratulation 

BHR HollyWood Reports  Kandi Burruss is getting married soon? The reality star of Real Housewives of Atlanta hasn’t had an easy love life. She lost her fiance A.J. Jewell a few years ago to a club violence, but even before then, the relationship was a stressful one because Kandi  couldn’t get her family (mainly her mother) on board with with the relationship.  The engagement ended before his passing, but Kandi was still devastated by his death. Although Kandi didn’t get married, it didn’t take away her desire to walk down the aisle any. Kandi has a hefty bank account thanks to her song writer career and her business venture that consists of interesting bedroom toys, so it’s increasingly hard for Kandi to convince her mother that not every man she meets is after her money. Now Kandi is back in love and has found happiness with her current boyfriend Todd. And according to Kandi, getting married has been frequent thought while dating Todd.

Kandi Burruss
In a recent interview with US Weekly, Kandi confirmed that she is waiting on Todd to pop the big question. Although she is sure she wants to get married to Todd, she says she just can’t bring herself to ask a man to marry her. But she did confirm that not only is getting married on her mind, but even more kids.

She says when speaking of Todd and marriage:

“He’s really smart and always has good advice. I would love to be married. I would love to have a child. But he would have to initiate that. I’m not going to ask him to marry me!”

Kandi & Todd
Of course Kandi’s critics seem to think Kandi has a nasty habit of falling in love too easily and too fast. But in a recent interview with Andy Cohen, she made it clear that she’s not too worried about other people’s opinions about her relationship with Todd because she’s too happy to worry about the criticism. She even confirmed that she feels Todd proved he was the real deal months ago when he was willing to lose his job at Bravo to continue to date her, as it is prohibited for the cast to date the crew.

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