"Love & Hip Hop's" Rich Dollaz Baby Mama Had Him Arrested During A Interview For Not flying back to Memphis to take a DNA test

BHR HollyWood Reports Rich Dollaz has gotten arrested — again — this time for failure to show up in court to address a paternity suit.

Life is imitating television drama for "Love & Hip Hop's" Rich Dollaz as video showcasing the talent manager being arrested has surfaced online. In the clip, Rich is apparently giving an interview to Mouth to Ears blog until cops run up on him. "Excuse me guys, I just wanna know what I did," Rich asks the police officers.
Rich Dollaz  & Chaundrea Nicolle
Rich Dollaz

According to  reports via HHW, the arrest stems from Rich not proving his paternity to Chaundrea Nicolle. On Jan 22, Nicolle tweeted "Rich attorney claimed he couldn't "afford" to fly back to Memphis to take a DNA test but you can afford to pay for videos and gucci...bs!."

Rich's offstage issues have yet to enter the "Love & Hip-Hop" plot line but he is knee-deep in professional and personal drama. Rich is currently dating Erica Mena, also his client, which is causing a major rift with his bff/other client Olivia.

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