Time Is Money! Beyonce Splashes Out £3 Million On Hublot Watch For Jay-Z's 43rd Birthday

Time Is Money! Beyonce Splashes Out £3 Million
 On Hublot Watch For Jay-Z's 43rd Birthday

BHR HollyWood Reports Being one half of showbiz's most powerful celebrity couple means Beyonce can afford to splash out £3 million on a designer watch for her husband Jay-Z's birthday.

The 'Single Ladies' songstress gave Jay-Z the best present of all in January when she gave birth to their first child Blue Ivy, but Beyonce still made the effort to make sure the birthday was made to feel special, presenting him with a £3 million Hublot watch.

What do you get the man who has everything? A Hublot watch according to Beyonce!

 According to the Daily Star, Beyonce splashed out on the extravagant timepiece, named Big Bang, which is lined with 1,282 diamonds.

"Love Birds"
"Beyoncé will always buy Jay the best gifts money can buy. Money is no object to her," a source told the newspaper.

"She knew he would love the Hublot Big Bang watch. It’s the ultimate timepiece, a mixture of extravagance, luxury and bling."

"Jay Z is a huge watch collector and was very excited when he was given the gift. He can’t wait to start flashing it around. It is absolutely stunning. In Beyoncé’s defence, what do you buy the man who already has everything?"

The superstar couple have a history on buying expensive gifts for one another, with Beyonce buying the hip-hop mogul a £300,000 sapphire ring to say a thank you for his support following the birth of Blue Ivy.

Jay-Z also gave Beyonce, 31, a surprise one Christmas when he lined their Christmas tree with £200,000 worth of Hermes Birkin bags for the fashonista.

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What will the couple who have everything get each other for Christmas?
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